A story that goes on since 1912

The great tradition of Italian and European artisanal shoes has its roots in generations of master shoemakers who have handed down the craft from father to son, through professional apprenticeships in the ancient guilds, in the confrérie des compagnons, in cordwainers’ associations.


1912: Enea and Ettore open a shoemaking workshop in the village of Tizzana (near Florence).

1962: Ledo Mantellassi launches the new brand name: Sutor Mantellassi. The latin term “sutor” combines with a crown as the emblem of the proud tradition of outstanding craftsmanship typifying the firm’s principles.

1987: Sutor Mantellassi becomes one of the cornerstones of the “made in Italy” revolution that has taken the world by storm, justifying the opening of a new shop on Via della Spiga in Milan.

2012: Sutor Mantellassi celebrates its centenary by opening two new stores, in Shanghai and in Milan, on via Montenapoleone.

2019: Sutor is renewing itself, revisiting its own tradition and opening a dialogue with the future.